William Peck

My ancestor William Peck was among the first of the early settlers to New England. With his wife Elizabeth and one son, he came to this country in company with Governor Eaton, Reverend John Davenport, and others in the ship Hector, arriving at Boston from London, June 26, 1637. While Massachusetts was desirous of such settlers, they preferred a separate establishment, and seeking a commercial station, explored the coast and fixing on Quinnipiac in 1638, moored their vessel in its harbor.

The first Sunday after their arrival they met and worshipped under a large tree when Mr. Davenport preached to them concerning the temptations of the wilderness.

Not long after, the free planters subscribed what in distinction from a church union, they termed a “plantation covenant.” They purchased their lands from the natives, and gave to the place the name of New Haven. William Peck was one of the original proprietors of New Haven, his signature being affixed to the fundamental Agreement or Constitution dated June, 1639 for the government of the infant colony. He died in 1694 at the advanced age of 90 years.

This account was shared by Palo Alto resident, Marianna Kraus.


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