Tips for Videotaping

Tips for Submitting a Video

Production tips:

  1. Use an external microphone that you can put close to the person you interview.  (A lavalier mic that you can clip to their shirt is really great.)
  2. Make sure the interviewee is not silhouetted against a bright background or window. Close the curtains if a window is behind them.
  3. Keep the video to five minutes or less for more viewership. (You can submit more than one video story.)
  4. Try to get your interview subject to answer most of these questions:
    • Where did he/she come from?
    • What did he/she do in their country of origin?
    • When did he/she come to the U.S.
    • Why did he/she leave their country of origin?
    • Where did he/she start out in the U.S.? Why?
    • What kind of work did he/she find?
    • Are there any particular experiences or memories about those early years in the U.S. that left an impression on him or her?

 Upload and Posting Tips:

  1. Upload your video to YouTube (instructions) or  to (instructions).
  2. Go to the page on Youtube or Vimeo where your video now lives and copy the “embed” code.
    1. YouTube instructions
    2. Vimeo instructions  
    3. Go to the Story Form on our web site.
      • Paste your embed code in the box: Enter Video Embed Code
      • Fill in the other boxes on the Story Form and then click on “Send.”
      • It’s advisable to enter a one sentence summary of the video content in the box called “Story”.
      • Allow one week between the time you submit your story until it is published on the website.  You’ll receive an email confirmation when it is published.

Video equipment and editing facilities are available at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center as well as training workshops to get you started.