Josue – Tries Not to Fall Into Bad Habits

I Am Poem
I am a good person and hard working guy that likes to play sports.
I wonder how to visit my family in Dominican Republic.
I hear that there will be soccer tryouts this summer in my school.
I see people that don’t do their work at school.
I want to be better in life.
I am pretty sure that I will be on the soccer team.
I pretend to become a professional on what I want to become.
I feel trust from people that I know.
I worry if will do something bad in life that will affect my family.
I cry when I am sad. I understand that life is not easy.
I say that you to give your best always.
I dream to get a beautiful family in the future.
I try not to fall into bad habits.
I hope I will graduate from High School.
I am a better player than I was.

Josue is an English-learner, immigrant high-school student in a small town in North Carolina.


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