Jane Liang

Where did you come from and where did you move to?

I was born in Singapore, however, at a vey young age, my family and I moved to Michigan. Then shortly afterwards, when I was around one and a half years old, we moved to California.

How did you personally feel about moving to a new country?

I was very young at that time, so I hadn’t thought much about moving to a new country. When I was 5 years old, since my dad became an expat, we moved to Hong Kong for 3 years where I attended a British International School. I didn’t remember much about America anymore, so when we moved back, I was a bit nervous, perhaps a bit afraid to move again to a new country.

What were key differences between America and your homeland?

In Shanghai, we lived in an area called Jinqiao where most expats from around the world live. People spoke English there a lot so it didn’t differ that much from America. Of course, there were some key differences between the two countries. The part of America where I live now feels a lot more quiet and safe in comparison to the crowded, populated city of Shanghai. Also, the over all environment in California is way better than Shanghai. There is too much pollution there from car exhaust.

What did you find challenging about America?

Since I’ve only been in British International schools while I was in other countries, I found America overall quite different.

Was there any racial discrimination?

There wasn’t any racial discrimination. Everyone was very welcoming and kind towards me.

Can you describe any events you would like to highlight?

When I was small, I have always lived in urban cities and once we arrived in San Jose, I found it a bit strange that none of the houses were more than 3-4 stories high. 

Name changed because interviewee wished to remain anonymous.

Interview Conducted by Bobby Ma


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