Evdokia and Michail Karsoulides

My parents were Anatolian Greeks who left Turkey for a better life in America in 1920.They went to Detroit,Mi. where other relatives went for jobs. My father started his first business,a push cart,selling food to factory workers in front of Ford motor while my mother did the laundry for the boarders sharing their home. They worked very hard.

After many years of saving they were able to start a restaurant and buy their own home.
My father became a citizen as soon as he could, but my mother was illiterate so it took her many years before she was able to get hers. Her wish was to be able to vote for a president which she did in the 80ties.They loved America!!!!

Shared by: Liz Gulevich of Stanford, CA


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  1. Charles M. Kinney

    EVDOKIA AND MICHAIL KARSOULIDES Story really hits home on America being the place where hard work can lead to success.

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