Tania, an immigrant student in North Carolina


I am kindhearted and Artistic
I wonder if all the people in Mongolia were in New York City
I hear that I am going to be successful in life
I see my goal
I want to Graduate
I am really friendly
I pretend to be smart when I am really not
I feel that all my goals are going to bright like the stars
I touch my artistic side and design clothes
I worry that I might not get to see my best friends one day
I worry that sometimes I am not going to have a better life
I cry everytime that I see the movie the Fault in Our Stars
I am a great person
I understand if I won’t make my dreams come true
I say that one day I will get to see the sea with my own eyes
I dream of going to college, have a career get married and have a beautiful family.
I try my best of being a good student and have good grades
I hope that one day i get to explore and just be who I am by myself
I am a Person who likes to hear Music and likes a lot of drawings.

Tania is a high school student, learning English, in a small town in North Carolina.


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