Construction Worker Sought A Better Future

My father, Emanuel was born in Jamay Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 34 years old he decided to immigrate to the United States from Mexico. My father’s hobby was playing soccer but after he injured his foot he couldn’t really play anymore, he faced many struggles which is why he needed a better life in a different place that would offer him better opportunities. He had to adjust to the American lifestyle and he was in desperate need for finding a job that would help him pay his debts. He experienced many difficulties such as to be separated from his family and to say goodbye to everyone from his town. It took a lot of courage to take this big step for a better life.

Emanuel loved spending time with his family. He would take his three young children to school, celebrated posadas, big parties with families, friends, and neighbors, with his family and friends, and the delicious food that he enjoyed. One day my dad was playing soccer and he injured his foot. He needed surgery but he couldn’t afford it. One of his close friends lent him money and the only way to pay him back was by going to America to pay that debt. He decided to leave in 2001 to the United States where he had heard that life was easier and there were better opportunities and his brother-in-law offered him a job there. Emanuel traveled in an airplane alone. He was scared and felt lonely.

He first arrived in San Francisco, California which was crowded, loud, and very different from his home town. He started to search for a job and he found one in a welding workshop but then later he worked in construction. The Mexican government was very corrupt and there was much violence from drug traffickers, ignorance, and economic issues. Emanuel saw this as a very dangerous exposure to his family and he wanted his children to have a better opportunity in America with the great support in education. Later, Emanuel earned enough money to pay his debts and one of his friend in America gave him money so that he could bring his family to the United States.

Emanuel is very thankful for those who supported him throughout his journey because now his six children have better opportunities to have a better education, his wife has supported him a lot and their children, and he has been working in construction since he first came. At first it was difficult to adjust to the new culture and language but know it has been easier with the help of his children. He would love to return back to his hometown because he misses his family and the great memories he once lived. He is grateful for the support that his family has received and fewer economic issues.

This story was written by Emanuel’s daughter.


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