Ideas for the future

We’d love to hear your suggestions for making this site into a springboard for ongoing interaction and community-building. Please leave a comment below if you have an idea we should consider.

  • Would you like an area of the web site for family recipe sharing?
  • Would you participate in a bi-annual book discussion?
  • Would you come to in person events featuring some great storytellers sharing immigration stories?
  • Are you interested in posting more immigration-related stories? If so, what themes interest you?
  • Should we run some kind of writing or photo contest?
  • What other ideas occur to you?


  1. Hi Elliott and co.

    Nice work all around! I would love to see you reach out to senior living homes to gather their stories. For instance at Moldaw Family Residences in Palo Alto, they are having a Memoir Writing workshop. Madeinto America could be another great outlet for the stories the seniors are writing about their lives, which often involved immigrating from another country, whether from Germany, England, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, or elsewhere. A treasure trove of info could come from other senior residence places as well, and give the seniors a sense of contributing to the community and leaving a legacy.

    Thank you for creating and maintaining this informative, moving and easy to use website.


  2. I want visit

  3. We Are All Arlington program started in Arlington, VA is interested in developing a family pairing project where an immigrant family at a school (or in the community) is paired with an American family to foster cultural exchange and improve multiethnic participation in community events and at public schools. Is there anything that currently does this that you are aware of that we might model our system from?

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