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Guitarist (Germany)

Otto grew up in Germany and at a young age was enrolled with the Nazi youth. After leaving he joined the German Navy and fought in World War Two. He was captured by the British and put in a British camp until the end of the war. He got to go home after the war and got a job playing ... Read More »

Giovanna Belforti, Ambassador’s Secretary & Marika O’Baire-Kark

A day came when an informant betrayed their subterfuge to Nazi soldiers and the family had to run to the foothills and take refuge in a cave for weeks or months. Giovanna Belforti lived on an affluent estate in Piacenza, Italy near Milan. In one of life’s ironies, Giovanna’s father designed weapons that were used by the Italian army in ... Read More »

Italian War Bride Francesca Nicolina Tommasina Sorvillo Stewart

I am from Naples, Italy. Naples is a beautiful city. But October 1, 1943 when the American troops finally came in the city, Naples was a big gigantic mess. No electricity, no gas, no water and no food, just garbage everywhere. You see, when the German troops left they blew up and destroyed whatever was left. Anyway, I’ve barely started ... Read More »