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Toukhig & her family escaped Aleppo, Syria in 2012.

Dear Friends,
Over the past five years the Midpen Media Center has been building an archive of immigration stories at our special web site, There are well over 400 stories from every era of American history and from every continent in the world. Some visitors have even discovered cousins in the archive! Many of the stories are based on intergenerational interviews conducted by high school students following workshops that we give. Others are submitted directly to the web site. About 25% are videos – most of those from public storytelling events we’ve conducted.

Please consider subscribing to Just write your email in the box to the right. You will receive an email when a new story is published. Very rarely do we publish more than one per day and there are numerous weeks without new stories. You are in full control over opening an email from us. No ads. No sharing of your email with other orgs. Just a way to stay in touch with the integral national story that is immigration – one that nearly all of us share in our own lineage.

Thanks for considering this invitation.
Elliot Margolies
Made Into America Project Director

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Palo Alto, CA

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